Thursday, 16 February 2017

why women become family's

 In many homes today,we have thousands of women who are now the breadwinners of their family. In our previous article-'Is it healthy in a relationship for a woman to be richer than her husband'? we could see that it is not only,unnaturally for a wife to be richer than her husband in the family,but also abnormal. If this is abnormal,why do women become family's breadwinners?

We here,have never seen a woman,whose delight is to be the breadwinner of her family,  have you? The joy,as it is naturally is,is for husband to be the head of everyone in his family,providing their needs,and taking up much responsibility in his household. But today,many women have taken up such position and responsibility of caring for their household needs. Why?

Education: When a woman is more educated than her  husband is,there is every likelihood that the woman will have more gainful employment than her husband. We have seen many situations where a wife rose to the position of a manager of a company,while her husband still remains a cashier of the company. In this case,the woman earns much more money than her husband does. This situation is one that can make a woman become her family's breadwinner,as she would be responsible to take care of  most of her family's needs.

Another reason while women become family's breadwinner is lost of employment. When a husband loses his job and he doesn't have any stream of income,and his wife is financially doing well,the situation automatically turns the wife become their family's breadwinner.

Accident,is another ugly situation that can make  a woman become her family's breadwinner. For example,when a husband is struck down either  by a vehicle,or in his work place and he loses either his hands,or spinal cord or anything else that could stop him from engaging in any hard work,it then means that his wife will become the breadwinner of the family.

Finally here,when a man,who is a husband ,decides to become irresponsible in life by engaging himself into serious drinking and smoking,you will find out that all he is interested in all the time is to get money,that he will spend in drinking and smoking. If this man does not have a good job that fetches him enough money to take care of his family needs,while he continues to squander on his smoking and drinking habit,he may neglect his family's needs,leaving it for his wife to take care of. This in turn can also make a woman to become the bread winner of her family.

We have seen that conditions are what make women to  become family's breadwinners. It is not prayed or wished for that a woman become  the family;s breadwinner at all. This in a real sense brings badness! But is this wrong all the time? Join us in our next article:' Why it is not wrong for a woman to become her family breadwinner' to find out!!!

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