Friday, 17 February 2017

why yelling,strengthens relationships -yelling at someone,yelling boyfriend,

On one good day when I was still a kid,I told my mother that I don't like men who yell at their wives. I told her that in fact,if my husband yells at me,I would just cry and cry and cry. After her graceful laugh at me,my mother said: 'See wifey talking,what do you know about husband and wife issues? ' Then my mother asked again : 'why did you say that you would cry if your husband yells at you? Do you cry whenever I yell at you?' Then I said no,are you not my mother? So she said: That is my point.He is your husband,and that is even more reason why you cannot cry because your husband is yelling at you. Read more:

The discussion with my mother came to make sense to me many years later,when I came to have my first boyfriend,my first love. A time came when he called my telephone line and it was busy for minutes. He knew that it was another guy that was on line with with me and so,when I finally picked his call he yells at me and said : So another guy is now chalking you right? And you think he's gonna get  you out of my hand,tell him he won't succeed okay,just tell the... and that was it!

To be sincere with you,that moment was another reassurance to me,that my boyfriend really loves me,and was never thinking of having another. That actually made me to open up more heart to him.

Have you noticed that it is only when your spouse or heartthrob hurts you that he says: 'I am sorry?' What do you usually feel on hearing this expression from him? Your heart yells more for him at least. And everything looks like you are anew in your relationship with him. In fact,that moment everything will be so romantic for both of you,and you will feel the sweet love again.

My mother was right when she said that yelling at ones spouse boost their relationship.In fact my mother told me that any man that doesn't yell at his wife sometime,is a weakly. That man has to be man!

Yelling tells it all in a relationship. For example,if after yelling at you and he doesn't feel sorry,or feel that you are hurt,it means you don't beat in his heart. My sister,at this point,you must begin to look for the solution to this problem. Now the problem is no longer the yelling,but that you have just realized that you mean nothing to him.

Yelling gives the opportunity to love and feel loved again!!! Please note: Yelling here is not the one that husbands do in public,or before your children.

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