Tuesday, 14 February 2017

simple reasons why you should avoid jealousy- jealousy and envy,jealousy causes,

Jealousy,the feeling that someone is better that you are in everything,and then it rouses its usual spirit in you to strike against your fellow man. That is wrong!

It is very wrong to say or believe that someone is better than you are in everything. If you ever feel that someone is better than you are,it is okay,because there is no way you can be the best in any thing. But to say that someone is better than you are in everything is to say that you are the worst anyone could think of . Look into yourself,and you will see where you are a master. If you don't see,that means you have not been useful to yourself and others in any way all your life.

Jealousy kills. It kills both you and the person you are jealous of. One bad thing about jealousy is the fact that when it gets rooted in you,it won't leave you until it it dries you,and finishes you up!

It is Jealousy that makes people gossip about someone with the aim to make others hate him. This is slander,and it consequences are heavy.

Jealousy also makes you hate a good fellow,even when he hasn't done any thing bad to you. The problem here is that it will leave you so angry with yourself,and at the end of the day,it will return the same hatred to you in your heart.

Jealousy closes the door of progress and opportunity for you. while your heart is busy harboring hatred,someone you are being jealous of is making his way,and succeeding.

What more is the reason you should avoid jealousy? Jealousy,makes the heart sick! It causes a lot of heart diseases and makes one misbehave and die!

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