Wednesday, 1 February 2017

why you shouldn't drag a man with another woman

Are you sure you are in a relationship? That he loves you as much as you do? Then,why on earth should you drag him with a woman? Is it ever possible that two women can actually love a man equally and at the same time? What of the man himself? Can he love you and her much the same at the same time? Hardly! Fore no one has two hearts but one. However,the only time a man can love two women but not equally at the same time is when there is none he loves so much. If this is the case,then why should you drag a man with another woman?

Dear lady,give your man a chance to prove his love to you. In fact,if a man really loves you,there will be no need for you to drag him with another woman. Any other woman who is so interested in him would have  by his signs been told to look for someone,somewhere,else! Come to think of it: Will dragging a man with another woman get you husband? Surely no! What this kind of act will get you is if you later win the competition is a boyfriend in the house because,a husband who loves  you cannot give his heart to another woman,making both of yo to fight over him!

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