Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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We can understand it if you say that you sometimes feel jealous of someone. Yes,we also have the same feelings too. Feeling jealous of someone is just normal. It shows that somehow,someone is better than we are,as we are also better than they are in many other ways. However,here are the reasons why you shouldn't give in to jealousy.

When we say that you shouldn't give in to jealousy,we don't mean that you shouldn't have a feel of jealousy at times,no,you should as a human. It is true and natural. What we mean here is that you shouldn't allow your feel of jealousy to push you into creating hatred for someone you feel is better than you are.

One thing you should know about one's possession is that it is very much momentary. Nothing last,even the possession of someone you are jealous of. Is it something which is here today that may not be tomorrow for the owner that you should be jealous of?

Did you know that the possession of that person you are jealous of gives him much more sleepless night than you ever thought? Everyone has his cross to bear. When you see someone richer than you are in a way,don't forget to see the pains he endures on the other side.

Possessions which make someone better than the other vary. You should quickly know that what makes one rich may not make the other rich as well. Everyone has his own possession.  Like my friend says : Everyone has a selling point. What is your selling point my dear friend? Let your selling point which no one else can have make you proud of whom you are,and never give i to jealousy!!!

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