Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Should You Avoid Men With Too Much Pride?

I see you are in a relationship and you just found out that your fiancee has too much pride. Surely you have disagreed with him many times in your relationship and he couldn't even say 'I am sorry' right? Even when he realizes that he is at fault ,he still refuses to accept blame right? And now,you are asking :Should I marry a man with too much pride?

I am surprised at how a lady will feel so much uncomfortable with her fiancee and yet she is still pushing her heart to take him in. Are you crazy? Why would you force yourself to take something that your heart refuses to accept?

My dear lady,open your eyes and read the tiny lines below to see whether you should avoid men with too much pride or not!

One thing about men with too much pride is that they are respecter of no body even you should you become their wife tomorrow. A man with too much pride is always self centered,and does not take opinion of others. If anything has to be accepted,it is whatever he chooses or says.

 My dear lady,is this what you really want to see in your marriage? Maybe you don't understand my points. Wait let me share a story with you.

A beautiful  lady got married to a fine handsome man,even though he has plenty of pride. The lady knew that he had too much pride and accepted to marry him.Of course,the  man had a lucrative job that could put good food on a table,a good car on the road,give his wife her brown envelop for home up keep,and to pay  his children's school fees.

One day the woman advised her husband to buy some plots of land where they could put up a structure and have their own house. My dear,you would agree with me that that was a wonderful lady with a foresight. But did you know that her husband refused to listen to her?

 According to the woman,she said that her husband would always tell her whenever she came up with the issue to have their own house that what does she know about house building,or having a house, 'don't worry,when I see a land in a more suitable place for us,I will buy and put up a nice building for us' the man would tell his wife.

This he continued doing until he lost his job. According to his wife,he lost his job because the company he was working for refused to change his official car for him and increase his salary as he demanded. As a man with too much pride,he felt too much importance of himself,and he resigned. Today,the family of this dear woman is seeing life of the other side.

 Jobs are not forth coming,and they now find it very difficult to make both ends meet. The worst of the situation my dear friend is that all his friends have dejected him because of his person. Till today,this man would not take any reasonable suggestions or advise from any body to see if his situation will change.

Again I ask: Should you marry a man with too much pride? Don't get it wrong at all. Men naturally have pride,and that is okay. What we are asking you here is if you can marry a man with too Much pride!

In summary,marrying a man with too much pride is a difficult situation to bear. It requires a lot of endurance,and burying your opinion in your heart since it may not matter anything to him if shared. If you still decide that you will marry a man with too much pride,then be ready to lose many things,including some of your rights!

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