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African tradition on banishment -African tradition and culture,African tradition approach,to conflict resolution,

There is this tradition in African that we want to talk about. It is the situation where people,whether young or old,man or woman,boy or girl,are banished from their home town for doing anything against the land. While some are banished for sometime,others are banished forever. How do you see African tradition on banishment? This is a discussion,free your mind!

Unlike White people,who have respect for whatever thing people choose to do,except for anything that takes away blood from the body,which eventually,can lead to jail or prison,black people do not give chance for reformation,or transformation purposes.  To them,banishment is the only way for cleansing. What we mean is this: If a man lies down and have relation with his mother,or his father's wife,even if he is not caught,the issue must surely get to be out some day,and he will be banished,either forever,as some culture demands,or for sometime. The purpose of banishment is not to help regain the offender,but to cleanse the land.

Did you notice that cleansing of land and protecting it,is more important in Africa than saving life? Fine,one man has committed one serious offense that has to do with life,blood and conscience,but would doing anything to correct the man,not have been a better thing to do,in other to gain and save his life,than throwing him out like a sheep without Shepherd?

There is this other thing about African tradition on banishment,we want to look at. It was about a little girl under 18 years of age,who everyone in that community knew that was having some mental issues. One day,when this girl lost her senses,she bounced on her grandmother who though was sick,and the grand mother collapsed,and died at the spot. The news now has it that it was this little girl who killed her grandmother and so,she was banished. Everyone knew that this girl in question was not normal,having some mental issues,and that she was not supposed to be banished. Even the government and supreme court of law came into the case,set the girl free and acquitted,yet,the tradition of these people says no! Until today,this little girl has been sent away from the community,never to return or have anything to do with them,not even with her parent and her entire family members.

African tradition on banishment is a very serious case in Africa. Whether you are under durace or not,the moment one goes contrary to the culture and tradition of the land,he goes banished from his family,and entire community as well.

Amidst all of this painful outcome of African tradition on banishment,Is there anything good at all in banishment? Join us to find out in our next article : African tradition on banishment,the merits.Read more: Effects of banishment on individuals and society

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