Wednesday, 8 March 2017

causes of stealing- stealing and theft,stealing and corruption,

There is no other meaning of stealing other than taking,snatching,embezzling,or accumulating things that belong to somebody else,and not you,or things that belong to a group of people. What would make someone to take something that belongs to another as his own? Why do people steal? Here is brought to you, causes and effects of stealing! Read more: Is stealing a mental illness?

Let's start with the most funny part of it,can you imagine someone saying that he steals because of jealousy? Jealousy of what? We asked. : 'Jealousy that someone should have more than I do,and all that I desire to have.' He said. Could you imagine that?  Dear Mr. Stealer,this cause of reason for stealing is no excuse at all. What makes you  think that snatching what other people have,will make you really have it? What is yours is what you can make out for yourself by yourself,and not what is already made by someone else,you now snatch.

Another stealer we met says that he steals because,he couldn't afford the items on his own. Dear Stealer,why on earth would you desire to have what you cannot afford? Are you the only person who desires for something good,only to find out that you cannot afford it? I have,many times,and I work so hard,to afford it by myself,so are countless others in the world. Why would stealing be the only way for you to afford what you want?

Laziness. Yes,this is absolutely one of the major causes for stealing. While others are tirelessly working day and night,you are either there sleeping,or cajoling. Then,when your body tells you your needs,your next plan will now be to go and steal from someone else's pocket. This is not good for you my dear.

Yes,there is this other reason  why people steal. The fact that sometimes they feel deprived of something. This kind of reason or cause of stealing, takes place at home. If you give your child food or other necessary items and deprive another person the same need,oga madam, you are creating a cause of stealing in your house.that person will end up taking that item he needs by stealing.

Other causes of stealing abound, including compulsive disorder known as kleptomania, peer pressure, mental health problems and for a pure adrenaline rush. Whatever cause of stealing there is,always remember that the moment you take something that doesn't belong to you,you have stolen. What then are the effects of stealing on individuals and society? This will be our next topic for discussion. Please join us!!!

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