Saturday, 11 March 2017

Effects of banishment on individuals and society-banishment spell,banishment decree,

Banishment,the punishment of being sent away from a country,or a community,for desecrating the law of a land,or for committing a serious offense,has been duly discussed in our previous articles on banishment . When someone is condemned to exile,or to his fate,what are the likely and obvious effects? Death,hatred,self condemnation? What? Let's find out!

When someone is banished from a place,where he has always lived and established in life,there is every likelihood that that person will have to suffer,before he gets back on his feet again. To even start with,the thought of what leads to his banishment,the judgement,and finally,the verdicts on him,will certainly be a big trouble for the person. This is  something more than emotional trauma,for him. Could this not be an effect of banishment on individual and society? Read more: African tradition on banishment

Reports have it that a lot of people who have been found,having committed one form of suicide or the other are those who have been banished from their countries,or communities. Not being sure of how and where to start from,decided that the best thing to do is to end everything,by taking their own life. This is another serious effect of banishment on individuals and society.

Let me give you example of someone I know,in Nigeria,who was banished from his home town,for killing an animal,which was a totem god in their community. Yes,having killed the animal which he thought was a threat to his life,he was banished to his fate. Being a strong man,he accepted the situation,and left for a city,and continued his life. In no distance time,he secured a good job in an International embassy. Yes,he became the officer in charge of visa in the embassy. And you know what? A day came when someone entered his office for visa. He looked at the applicant in his face,and recognized him and his name. He denied him an easy access to having a visa,and asked him to go back to his community and asked their totem  god to come down,and help him get a visa. Not only was this applicant frustrated,but all those,whom he could recognize from his ex community.

It is very simple,because the tradition says that whoever that is banished from a community cannot have anything to do with anyone from that community,it then makes it difficult for both the one banished,and the one not banished,to become everlasting enemies,wherever they may meet. Could  you imagine that? Even if he or she was so close to you?

Banishment has always been a serious issue right from the time it was created.The effects of banishment on individuals,and society at large are quite numerous to mention. Our question is: should banishment be  the right punishment for law offender?

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