Thursday, 2 March 2017

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We have previously looked at the reasons why government institutions still do better despite all odds.Why then would we say here that government institutions have bad news and weaknesses? What are these bad news? The answer is herein in!

In all our research and findings,we could see with evidence that it is only in government institutions that lecturers would force their students to sleep with them in order for them to pass their papers. Many times,students who refuse doing so would be failed as many times as they write their papers,until they get frustrated. Can you imagine that ? Students sleeping with lecturers in order to pass their examinations? Is that what school is all about? Isn't school all about reading anymore? Lecturers have to answer these questions because,they created this bad news and weakness for government institutions.

Have you heard of handout? Yes,it is one big term every student must know as long as his education is important to him or her. One thing about handout is that this is a lecturer's summary lecture note in papers. Now,for students to pass a lecturers' examination,they would then have to have their own lecture typed in a paper by their lecturers. I beg you lecturers who are guilty of this offense,how many times would students have to pay for their education? The school institution commission says students should pay once in a session,and you are collecting money from students for lectures you have been paid to deliver. God will judge you!!

Again,have you heard of supplementary and VC's admissions lists? Whose names of students are usually  in the lists? Only those who can give bribe to school authorities. So,my dear,if you are looking for admissions in government institutions and you can't read so hard to smash their questions and come out in flying colors,the bad news and weakness of government institutions is that,you must give bribe,or pay in kind.

Just before I forget. Do you know what is sorting? Okay,it is a situation where students who could not pass their examinations,pay some cash to their lecturers,in order to effect their scores. Sometimes,the grade some students get,depend so much on how much they can give their lecturers to pass them. This act rather looks to me like one big insult to government institutions I once doff my cap to than bad news and weakness.

Hey,do you still want me to mention more? Aren't your ears tired of hearing bad news and weaknesses about government institutions?? What does it mean for lecturers to sleep with students? Please join us again in our next article to know this!!!

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