Sunday, 5 March 2017

how natural selection can affect a man well being - natural selection and adaptation,natural selection examples,(part one)

 As defined by Scientists,''Natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype. It is a key mechanism of evolution, the change in heritable traits of a population over time.''  On another sense,we could say natural selection is what makes the difference among people,making it true that everything can never be equal or the same in life. Whether we like it or not,certain people would always have an edge over another! This is also natural selection. In this article,we would see how natural selection can affect a man well being. Read more: how natural selection can be altered

You see,in the first place,one can actually ask where and how natural selection takes place. From the birth! This is to say  that where and when a child is born go a long way to determining what that child becomes later in life. What we mean is that if for example,a child is born in a wealthy family background,there is every likelihood that that child must also become wealthy,and successful. On the other hand,if a child is born in a poor family background,there is also every likelihood that that child will eventually be poor as well,no matter what. The difference that exists between the different children born from different families poor and wealthy, is the natural selection. By nature,one can be born in a wealthy family and become wealthy,and nature can also make one born by poor parent,making him poor as well. How can natural selection affect a man well being?

Since natural selection can make a whole difference,between individuals,making a poor dad give birth to a poor child,we could see the the poor background could become a hindrance to the child.  For example,there is this young man I know somewhere,very intelligent and hard working,but he was naturally selected to be born from a poor background. None of his family relations could help train this intelligent young man in school to manifest his intelligence and achieve his desires in life. He tried to build himself up on his own,but he couldn't go any far to succeed. It's been one obstacle after another which only money can solve,but no one ever cared for this young man. Because he was born poor,having nothing to start up with,or platform to build upon,he struggled alone,but couldn't go any far to break the odd. This is how natural selection could affect the well being of this young man. Making it impossible for him to rise,even when he tried so much to do so.

If natural selection selects you into a rich home,I tell you,with just little effort you would make,it would rain more success for you. All your intentions and expectations would come to pass. There would never be any hindrance,or obstacle to what you want to become in life as long as the factors to being anything depend on material support.  Can you see how natural selection can affect a man well being?

We have seen with examples,how natural selection can affect a man well being. It can make one richer than another on the basis of coming from a rich family background and vice versa. This is part one of this article.  To see other areas that natural selection can affect a man well being, please join us in part two of the article,to consider with us!!!

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