Monday, 6 March 2017

how natural selection can be altered-natural selection theory,natural selection and adaptation,.

From the first and second parts of of our articles on natural selection we could see that natural selection could determine one's future either for better or worse. However,the good news is that natural selection can be altered. It can be changed. This is what we have here for discourse. Read more: why bad things happen to good people many times

Let's say that you are born in a very poor background. There is every likelihood that you will remain poor. But like Bill Gate says: ''If you are born poor,it's not your fault. But if you remain poor,it is your fault.''  It is simple.Whatever you have determined to do,do! And you will succeed.

A very good adage says: ''Fruits are not known by their roots.'' Do you understand what that means? Your poor background can never influence  or hinder your success,if you really tread on the path of success. Your ability and hardwork to succeed will surely make you  break the odd.

On the other hand,natural selection can be altered if one misuses his opportunity. For example,if you are born rich from a rich home,you have all assets,and properties,and you think you are okay,a time will certainly come when you will go down poor. That is when you would have squandered all your assets and properties,having nothing enough to carry on with.

Yes,from this article: ''How natural selection can be altered'',we could clearly see that either hardwork or laxity,could make a situation to shift either from good or bad. Scientific interference can also interrupt the order of things from its nature,thereby making natural selection to be altered!!!

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