Friday, 10 March 2017

how to attract Mr. Right to love me- attraction,magnetic attraction in relationship,

Are you surprised at this topic? How to attract Mr. Right to love me. Who or what is Mr. Right?  Well,Mr.Right is that kind of person you desire to be your soulmate. He is that one person,whose live and character you love so much and you wish he comes to you for marriage. There is no other person you feel is fitted for you except that man in your heart. Yes,he is your Mr. Right.

It has come to our notice that a lot of  women misbehave in the name of attracting Mr. Right to love them. For kindness sake,how can women go as far as casting spell such as ''touch and follow'' on men that they have feelings for? My dear lady, you are going too far to get what you want. The truth is that,you are not even sure if the man in question loves you. If he doesn't,then your effort would have been a wasted one because,sooner than later,his eyes will be opened when the spell will have disappeared. Read more:  should I lie to my fiancee that I am a virgin?

Yes,there is this thing girls do thinking they could attract Mr. Right. Forming! Who are you forming for? Why would you be very unnatural thinking you can attract Mr. Right to you? My dear lady,again I am telling you to be natural,be yourself if you really want to attract Mr. Right to yourself. Every man knows what he wants in his woman. When he sees it in you,he will surely come to you okay?

The other day our crew was going on assignment,we saw two big girls fighting along the way. When we apprehended them,we learnt that one was fighting the other,to leave her man. My dear lady,who told you that,that man you are fighting for is your man? He is not. Otherwise,he won't even make you have to fight with another woman. Moreover,fighting another woman can never attract Mr.Right to you. NEVER!

Some girls now dress very indecent,and go very wide,thinking that by so doing,they would attract Mr.Right to love them. My dear lady,whether you like it or not,the only Mr. Right you will attract,is the man going wide and dressing indecently. Yes,the one who behaves like you do,because,like,begets like!

In all our researches and findings,we have found out that the right persons would always come for those they love at the right time. You don't have to fight for it,you don't have to make too much effort,you don't have to pretend to be someone else.. If you are someone else,your Mr.Right will pass you by,looking for someone else to attract!!! Read more : why you can't find the right person in relationships

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