Friday, 3 March 2017

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Have you ever been disappointed before? Once? Twice or more? Isn't this too much a thing for you? No doubt you are so sick and tired of everything  and you really want to avoid further heartbreak. Yes,you can! Here in,we have for you various tips on how to avoid further disappointment from a boyfriend.Read more: should I marry my classmate boyfriend?

Just as there is time for everything under the sun,so there is a reason why certain things happen. For your boyfriend to have said it is over with you means there is a reason or reasons for it. It is not comfortable most times to just let go after all,so try to find out if you can,why he has decided to quit the relationship. Finding out this reason will in many ways help to show if it is what you can adjust to avoid further disappointment in another relationship with someone else or not.

Again,many girls,and a lot of ladies go into relationships without properly naming it. To these people,as long as both parties feel loved and cherished by the other,they are in a relationship. Yes,this is also a type of relationship,but not one that is built on a strong foundation. When you are deep onto a man as much as he is on you,boldly ask him to tell you his intentions. If his intention is not for marriage as you wish and expect,then,my dear one,begin to make a cross over. It is better you call it  a day with him now ever thing is still  early ,than when your feelings have over grown.Breaking up at that time and letting it go might be a very hard thing to do.

If you belong to the group of ladies who have entered into a relationship with a man and never knew his intentions for you until he says it is over after spending many years in a relationship with him,accept it as a lesson in your life.  In your next relationship,the first thing you should ask your boyfriend is : 'What is your intention for me in this relationship?' If it is marriage,let him tell you. But if he says,that he is still thinking about it,please my dear,get up,and kindly tell to get back to you as soon as he has answers to your question. Do not give a wifey investment to a man who is not going to be a husband.

To avoid further disappointment from a boyfriend,by naming and defining your relationship with him,ask him if it is okay that you call him your boyfriend. If he says yes,it shows that he really wants to keep a relationship with you. But if he says 'we are just friends',then,thank him for making his intentions for you
early enough.

To avoid further disappointment is very easy if you follow the points mentioned above. Many have tried them,and they have really worked well for them too. My dearie,you don't need to be in tears all the time. Learn lessons from your first disappointment,and apply them in your subsequent relationship!!!

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