Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to make your children,your friends-children development,children background,

A family,is a composition of father,mother,and children. Children come to be in a family,when husband and wife come together in their warm,romantic, relationship. This means,children are the miraculous products of husband and wife. It's sad to say that a lot of parents today do not have good relationships with their children. Only very few of them,can boldly say '' My children,are my friends''. How can parent make their children their friends?

What makes a husband and wife close couple? They plan together,and corporate with each other. They also give each other the necessary support they need to move on,to accomplish. So parent,if you want to make your children your friends,try reaching out to them on table games with them,and try to make them win you. This can broaden their heart to you.

There was a woman I know somewhere in Lagos Nigeria. Although she was a banker who leaves home very early every morning and come back home late,every night. Did you know that her children are her very close friends? Look at what she would do every day: Early in the morning before she leaves home for work,she makes their breakfast and eats with them. After that,she would say prayer with them,and assign them works to do. At work every day,she would call them to know how they are doing with the various works she assigned them to do. Where it proved difficult for them,she would give them directives on how to do their work. Even their school assignment,the children could be so free to call their mother,and ask for assistance. Then,before she would be home in the night,the children would have made dinner by themselves,eagerly waiting for their dear mother to return from work. The story has it that this mother,a big time banker,despite her busy schedule could make her children,her friends.

Why not visit your friends with your children along? This could make them meet your friends,and know you more on the other side. Taking them to market to buy food stuff,is not bad in anyway. Go to kitchen with them,teach them how to pound ingredients,and mob the house. Parent,let your children grow with you in and out!

Parent,open up your heart to your children,and do not encourage them to hide anything from you. Do you sometimes ask your children,if they have any romantic friends? Encourage them to open open to you,by sharing your own experiences with them, when you were growing up. This,is another super way to make your children,your friends!!!

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