Saturday, 4 March 2017

how to react when you see your ex with someone -ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend,

Seeing your ex,your former boyfriend whom you have share virtually everything with except for some people,their bed. This was someone you called your soulmate,your best,and your everything. This was someone you always prayed for,wishing there could be more something better for him. Now he's left you,and hanging and sharing nice times with another woman. Yes you saw them both together,in a beautiful,chilling place. How would you react? Read more: what you should do when your boyfriend leaves the relationship

Yes,it will be  at first a very painful thing to see your ex hanging out with another woman somewhere. But what should you do? Crying,letting your tears drop before them? Noooo,all that, wouldn't be necessary anymore. Hold whatever feelings you have, gently pass by, and accomplish what you have to accomplish. Read more: how is fear an attribute?

On the other hand,let's say that you go for shopping and you see your ex there with his latest girlfriend or wife? Simply go take your steps to sections where your needed items are found. Don't show any sign that you are not happy or comfortable seeing them,especially as you are there alone without any man of your own,to prove that you have found a better him. If you insist to know few things  about there outing,quietly follow them closely but at a distance. Try to see what items they have come to buy,by finding out which section they are. When they are paying for their items,find out who does the paying. I tell you a story: One lady who was dumped by her boyfriend for another lady,saw her ex with another lady two years after their breakup in a shopping mall. I tell you truly that she didn't feel comfortable with the situation. So,she kept on following them at  a distance to observe things for herself. She said that she saw that it was the lady whom he came out with that paid for the items they bought. And that alone gave her some relieve,knowing that yet,her ex was still not better than she is,and could not have been any better man for the lady who came with him.

Yes,seeing your ex with someone else,another woman,can be frustrating. But,you can bear the situation. Always remember that not all that glitters is gold!!!

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