Monday, 13 March 2017

How to stop your past from hurting you -your past life,your past is your future,

Everyone has his past in this life. But the effects the past could have on one ,depends on how one thinks about it,and takes it along. For those who choose never to let anything in their past go,and belong to the past,they surely get hurt as long as they remember their past. This is so painful a thing to
go through,and so,how can this be put to stop? How to stop your past from hurting you,is the topic for discussion. Let's discuss.

The past in someone's life may be that one has committed such crimes that involve life and  blood. For example,I know of a young man who came to our office and said to me :'' Monica,can my past ever let me be?'' And I said to him: '' I don't understand the past you are talking about. Spill it out!'' And so he continued : Not only was I rusticated from school for belonging to a secret society,but the life and blood of people spilled by my hands are still so heavy in me. How can I let my past be?'' I looked at him in his eyes,and felt so much concerned for him. To cut the story short,I told the young man,that the point he is now in,is enough to have made his past,belong to the past. I said : You have been rusticated from your school in your final year,and that is a very long time,money,and efforts you have lost. Yes,this happened to you in a way for you to pay for your sins. You spilled blood and life,under demonic influence,and the authority smashed your future,your certificate,upon the marble of their citadel,how else do you want to pay for your sins? Even your blood,your life,cannot do that for you.''

But that is true. There is a big difference between committing crime under influence,and committing crime,in good eyes. In under durace,one is being pushed to act even against his will,,unlike the other. But the best thing to do,in making one's past stop hurting one is the first step that,that young man took. Meeting a specialist,for counseling,and letting the steam out of your mind.

On how to stop your past from hurting you,you must somehow,lose something to pay for your crime. No matter what crime one must have committed,one cannot actually pay for it,even with his own life.  The deed was done in a particular situation or condition,which no longer exists in your life now. So,why not let your past belong to the former situation or circumstance,which led you to it? Remember,you were not in your right senses at the time you were acting.

To stop your past from hurting you,you should  know that we all are imperfect,and that no one on earth has not sinned against another. The most important thing to do when you commit so huge a crime is to accept the fact that yes,you have really done wrong. Go to your spiritual fate leaders,and let bare your wrong,let them do some spiritual cleansing for you through payers or other ways. Go to a Psychologist,for counseling,but not to any close or trusted friends at all. These people called friends, will some day, escalate what you are trying so hard to put in your past,to return to the fore.More importantly,having taken all of these steps,your past can never hurt you,except,you want to continue living with it and refuse to be a new person you are now!!!

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