Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Is the code of NYSC not falling?-nysc login,nysc membership,

If there is any reason,why people respect armies,it is because they are disciplined. They are always in uniform,always coordinated,and soldiers,respect their code of conduct. Yes,the National Youths Service Corps, NYSC,is not an armed force to say,but they are paramilitary. They,the corps members,experience part of the training,given to soldiers in camp,with the aim and objective to serve their father land in places,where they are sent to do so. Is the code of NYSC not falling? How do we mean? What are we talking about? Let's discuss.

Does NYSC not mean National Youths Service Corp? Does the name itself not signify youths and service to the nation? Yes,and that is what it means. This is why,anyone who is above 30 years cannot serve the nation,in that provision. What about pregnant and married people with children? Should these ones rather not be the ones to be exempted from service with exemption letters,rather than the age limitation?

What we mean is this,if a lady is married,say before 30,and she already has children and home to take care of,would it not be reasonable for NYSC authority to exempt these people from serving? Have you seen a corp member with heavy pregnancy in her NYSC uniform before? How do you usually feel on seeing them? Disappointed,many have felt. Many a time,we see soldiers beating civilians who wear their uniforms. To them,it is an act of dishonor and disgrace, for civilians to camouflage them in their uniforms. How dare civilians! The same should be said of pregnant and married people! The moment a lady is married,she becomes a woman! Are women said to be youths any more,when they have become mothers? Partially,in a way! Is NYSC code not falling?

Our point is this.NYSC officials,should not limit  the age bracket of their corp members to 30 years and below.This is because,the age of youth still continues to vibrant period,till about 45 years. What is wrong with people in their 30s,or even in their early 40s? Why would NYSC authorities,not see the overwhelming strength and zeal in our youths from 30 years and above? Is the code of NYSC not falling? Read more: Why should NYSC be scraped?

What we are saying here is that,instead of keeping our graduate youths,who are still single at home,exempting them from serving their father land because they are above 30 years,give exemption letters to people,especially ladies and women who are married,who are pregnant,and who already have families to take care of!!!

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