Sunday, 12 March 2017

Is death created with life? - death race,death,destroyer of worlds,

I have heard a lot of people saying: If there is no death,then,there will be no birth. It now makes me to wonder'' Is death created with life? Why does man grow old and die? What is this life all about? Why would a child be born today and tomorrow he dies? Why is death the greatest fear of the living? Why is death,the first and only thing that would always come to mind,the moment one is sick? What is this life all about? Is death created with life? Hmm, let's talk together.

Thanks to Science,which through many research and observation,has discovered that our body is made in such a way that man should not die. For example,when you have a cut in your skin,it will be healed. And when it is healed,it may not give a sign or show in future,that you have had cut in that part of your skin. This to many brilliant minds,is an evidence,pointing to something.

What does this mean to you,''That you have a cut,a deep cut in your skin and apply nothing or little treatment,only for it to be quickly healed and forgotten? In time,you may also have another deep cut on the same spot,and it will heal again? Let us digress a little. Have you been to any Orthopedic  hospital before? Have you noticed what Doctors do with flesh and bones over there? They would tear the flesh,remove the bones,and sometimes break or cut the bones,join it again,and finally cover it for nature to make it grow again. What does this prove to us? That death is created with life? Hardly!

I give you another example. There was a beautiful lady I know while in school. In fact she was my roommate.One of her hands was longer that the other. When I asked her why it was so,she said that she had a serious accident when she was a child,that should have made Doctors to amputate her hand. But on a second thought, they took another alternative,to remove the infected bones from her hand,and so that made her bone to shortened. On her laps too,she showed me,where Doctors have cut some of her flesh,for surgery in her hand,and all of that. That keeps me thinking,why the Doctors did all of that on that beautiful girl. Yes,they have discovered that wound,always heals in time. This shows that God,the creator of life has indeed put eternity in the heart of a man.

Have you been sick before? Seriously sick and people thought you would soon die? Some people have been told by their Doctors that they won't make it after sometime. Yet,you would see them making serious efforts to live and survive,even in their death state. What does it indicate? That life is sweeter than death. That death is not created with life!Read more: Is there a thing such as destiny?

If wounds no matter how deep they are, could heal,if broken bones shall always rise again,then the answer is not far fetched. Is death created with life? Certainly no!

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