Monday, 6 March 2017

Is there any such thing as destiny ?-destiny child,destiny mismatch,

The hidden power which is believed to control what will happen in future,is called destiny.  This is to say that whatever one does in this life is already influenced or determined by one strong power beyond man himself. What do you think? Is there any such thing as destiny? Let us discuss!Read more: why bad things happen to good people many times

In our time,the concept of destiny  is that God,the creator of the Universe has already ordained man to become whatever he becomes in life,or has determined,whatever that will happen in his life. This is to say that man is not responsible for anything that he does or that happens to him in life God is to be blamed,or glorified. If this is the case,why would God say in the scripture that whatever a man sows,he will reap? Is there anything such thing as destiny? Are you sure it is real?

Which do you believe? That whatever one sows,he will reap,or one cannot be blamed for his actions,because,whatever that will be will surely be?If you take the former: ''Whatever you sow,you will reap'' ,it then means that you don't believe that there is such thing as destiny. But if you choose the latter,it will then mean that your answer to the question: ''Is there any such thing as destiny''? is yes!

For those who believe that there is such thing as destiny,are you saying that if someone is a thief, that it is not his fault,or that he hasn't become a thief because he desires and chooses to become a thief,that it has already been determined even before he was born that he would become a thief? Who is a liar? Man or God? Is there ant such thing as destiny?

What if a woman dies during child delivery? would you also say that it has already been destined that she would die during child birth? What kind of thing do you really believe in?  Is God wicked? Are you really saying that there is any such thing as destiny?

If you strongly believe that there is such thing as destiny,then my dear,you would not have to work or do anything to achieve your aims. Just sit and watch. Before you know it,everything you wish in life will be coming to you without any effort,plans,and actions. Even what you are reading now,you would not have to search for it before  reading it,you would have just come straight to this blog,and pick it up!!

The believe of destiny simply means that everything will surely come its way,no matter whether it is good or bad,and no matter what you may have done to divert it. Is there any such thing as destiny???

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