Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Join the fight against child slavery-child slavery fact,child slavery today,child slavery and trafficking,

Slavery,the total denial of oneself to please another,the act of living in bondage like one without a right. Slavery has always been from time immemorial until now. When one is a slave,he is sure to suffer threats,abuse,and many other forms of injustices. How much more will slavery affect the lives of our children,who are part of the world human population? Join the fight against child slavery,is the topic!

One of the best ways you,I,and all of us can join thee fight against child slavery is by condemning any feelings to maltreat a child,and deny him of his rights. We are not saying that one should no longer take a child to live with him or her,but when one does so,he should care for that child,as he or she would do his or her own.

Every child has right to education. Please and please,when a child is given to be in your care, you must not forget to plan for his education. Give this child education,and he will serve you well and better. Education truly could be the best vaccine in the world that can better the life of any child,and the society at large. Read more:  domestic exploitation of children

Join the fight against child slavery by reporting any family you know which maltreats and abuses a child living with them. If possible,help the child to escape and return to his family,if it is the only thing you can perfectly do in your fight against child slavery.

Discourage any form of child labor such as hawking goods on the street,or on the road.  Tell them to go back home with their goods and report to their sender that someone they see on the road says he should go back home. Fear may not allow the sender of that child to send him again if the sender gets the same news over and over gain.

There are certainly different types of child slavery. Whichever one you notice should not pass you without making a remark. Do whatever you can,do as your own bit,to join the fight against child slavery!!!

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