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retributive justice/law of karma, are they still in charge of judgement?-retributive and restorative justice,retributive punishment,

The first time I came in contact with the words retributive justice and law of karma,was when my Teacher was giving a synopsis of a literature text,where an antagonist was said to soon meet his water loom for all he did against a protagonist by the retributive justice or law of karma. When my Teacher saw that we all in the class were amazed,he said : Yes,retributive justice is the natural justice that always pays people what they deserve through their actions in life. We also call it the law of karma.  It has the power to make one see the consequences of his actions,either good or bad! So we got it. But I still wonder : Are retributive justice/law of karma still in charge of judgement? Are they still actively working? Why then do people still do evil and get away free?

Retributive justice/law of karma,are they still in charge of judgement?

I give you an example. There is this woman I know so well in Nigeria. I won't mention her name for any reason,because you don't need it. She commits crimes and violence against people around her. She has many times sent different high killers to her counterparts,and instructed them on what exactly they should do to counterpart,who tried to challenge her.My ears over heard her one day,when she was saying over a phone call to an assassin ''go straight to her house not on the road. Don't kill her,but make sure you break two of her legs and let her see her very bones alive. Then return to me for your balance'' It was that day that I came to agree that yes,that woman is evil,and a big time criminal,yet,she seems to succeed in everything she does. Retributive justice and law of karma,are they still in charge?

Another example is another woman somewhere in South Africa. She simply has no regard for other humans,other than for those who ride in for heavy legs. Our findings have it that ever since this woman has been having a nanny,she never paid any of them completely. And if anyone proves any right,she throws them out of her house, without a pay,and nothing will be done about it. She has raised injuries and lots of abuses on common,poor  people,and always escapes. Retributive justice/law of karma,are they still in charge?

I give you another example,a very touching one to examine with me. It was about one man,a husband of four children. When you see him,you will call him a complete gentle and kind hearted man. But this was a man who threw his wife away on the order of his elder sister and his mother for selfish reasons,and a show of hatred. His wife left with nothing,and the man was given another woman for a wife. Yes,the woman he later married, got pregnant and successfully gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. For years,that man never remember his first wife to at least know how she was doing. It was a blunt wickedness,and a great act of injustice on her. Yes,retributive justice /law of karma,are they still in charge of judgement?

From the stories above,am sure many people will say no,that retributive or natural justice no longer gives people what they deserve,otherwise,many wicked people should have met their water loom. But I stand to say YES,retributive justice /law of karma are still in charge today. Out of the three people mentioned above,one of them just met his water loom. It was the man who threw his wife away,out of share wickedness. He was in a 14 seaters bus going to a distance town,and on their way,they had a serious accident,that should have been fatal,but,only that man, the wicked husband was smashed down,broke his spinal cord,and died 3 years later. That was how he met his water loom. Yes,retributive justice /law of karma are still in charge of judgement.

There is time for everything under the sun the wise one says. Yes,the good book also says that whatever a man sows,that he will also reap!So don't worry,My eyes have seen enough as well as my ears have heard,that no wicked person ever goes unpunished. If the retributive justice has not visited them yet,be sure that it will,very soon. As for the two remaining examples I gave above,they have not seen theirs yet,but I am sure they will,very soon. Yes,retributive justice /law of karma,are they still in charge of judgement?

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