Sunday, 12 March 2017

Should flaunting be the way to get admiration?-flaunting assets,flaunting behavior,

In order to be admired,some people flaunt their designer wears or other fantastic belongings. For example'',in one Asian land,the newly rich love luxury products  such as imported French handbags,Italian sports cars,and even more,they love to show off their
wealth''. says The Washington Post.  What do you think? Should flaunting be the way to get admiration? Is anything wrong with enjoying the fruitage of ones labor? Let's find out together!

When the rich,or those who pretend to be rich,flaunt their wealth or belongings,the truth is that,at the end of the day,they end up getting pretenders,people who pretend to love them in their lips. It means that the many friends of the rich are friends,not so much of the people themselves. So if your planing to flaunting your belongings,ask yourself :''What kind of friends do I want? Friends who love me for what I am,or friends who love me for what I have?'' This question is so important because,your behavior and social life style can contribute to the kind of friend you attract.

Should flaunting be the way to get admiration? Well again,the truth is that people who flaunt their wealth may risk losing it,or at least,some of it. How? you may ask. By hoodlums around you,and robbers who like to steal from people who show they have too plenty,both in secret and in open. Look at one of the reports on crime and safety in Mexico: ''Ostentatious displays of wealth are magnets for thieves in Mexico City. Wearing expensive jewelry,watches,and displays of large amounts of cash draw unwanted attention''. So my dear,flaunting or bragging with your possession can only get you an admiration that can risk your life! Read more: Should I be a second wife?

Since people who flaunt their goods don't feel perfectly at home,should flaunting be the way to get admiration???

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