Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Should I Be A Second Wife?

I just wonder why you would ever think of asking us this type of question ''Should I be a second wife?'' Are you damn confused? Then,that means you already have the answer to your question,but you still want to hear our comments.  What will being a second wife fetch you? A better life experience? A home divider? Marriage intruder? Should I be a second wife, you asked??

Why would you,my dear lady,think of becoming a second wife to a man who already has a home,a wife,and probably children? Are you grown past a child bearing age? Even at that,being a second wife,will end up keeping you in the second place in your intended home whether you like it or not!

A lot of ladies,feel that being a second wife would make them second equal to their co wives. But it is a lie! The first wife has already taken the first place in her husband's heart,before your coming. So,if you want to be a second wife to a man,just know that you will end up having a second place in his heart,and in his house,as long as there is still a functional woman,the first wife of the family,with a responsible,and a loving husband.

Should I be a second wife? My dear,before you think of being a second wife,kindly consider the future of your children. I give you example of myself. When I was doing my beautiful job in my uniform,a client of mine,who was,and still a prince proposed to marry me. Yes,getting married to such a handsome man that crows royalty would have been the best complement of my person. But on a second thought,I thought of my children and their future. What place would be for my children in the palace? Surely a secondary place. Someone else would have taken their place in the palace,as prince and princess,and I didn't wish a secondary place for my children.

A lot of people argued that husbands are quite scars this days. So,when opportunities calls for being a second wife,they quickly go for it. But I tell you,husbands are not scars! People get their husbands every day,and so can you!

No woman ever dreams to become a second wife to any man. Circumstances,and situations,make it so. Should I be a second why? Keep thinking!!!

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