Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The reasons for emergence of private universities-private universities fees in Nigeria,private universities federal funding,

Since the coming of formal education through the white Missionaries in Africa,Nigeria,schools have always been government owned establishment until lately in late 80's.  Government schools have produced a good number of quality  graduates who could defend their certificates and justify that yes,they went to school. If this is true,why then are there private universities today? This is the reasons for the emergence of private Universities in Welcome!!!

Among other top reasons for the emergence of private universities is moral decadence. A lot of students decide to go wide as soon as they get admitted in universities. This is so made easy for them because,government universities do not place any checkmate on their students. To them,anyone who has come of the age to write and pass Universities examinations and gets admitted by a University is an adult,and should be able to take care of himself. Many parents have lost their daughters to immoral conducts,in the name of universities. Private Universities on the other hand have succeeded to a large extent in curtailing the problem of immorality which is so rampant in government Universities. Thus,this leads to the emergence of private Universities.

Religion/faith is another reason while private Universities have emerged. For example,some denominational churches and religions have lost some of their members to other churches or religion because,while in schools,students are free to choose whatever denominational church or religion they want,regardless of their parents view. But today,some churches and religions have opened their own private Universities,for the sake of their members and to keep their faith safe. Again,this gives a reason for the the emergence of private Universities.

Cultism: Cultism is so rampant in government schools so much that it has become the order of the day in schools campuses. In many government Universities,many lives of student have been wasted by cultism.But private Universities,have never  given this a chance to exist in their schools as students movements and actions are always kept on watch.Read more:government institutions:bad news and weaknesses

Strike actions have also given private Universities a big opportunities to emerge. Hardly is there any academic section of schools  especially in Nigeria, without a strike action. This of course brings about disruption and delay in academic session and calendar. But as private Universities,there is no such thing as strike actions. Students get admissions and graduate at when due.No interruptions,no delays in academic sessions.

From all indications,government Universities due negligence have given reasons for the emergence of private Universities. Hey,has any much efforts of private Universities made it  graduate better students than Government Universities do? Please join us as we discuss this in our next article.

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