Wednesday, 8 March 2017

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Are you a woman and you are having romantic feelings for a fellow woman? Have you always felt nothing romantic with any man,and all you just need is for a woman to romance you in bed? If you ever feel this way,then,you are a lesbian my dear. A woman who has s*xual feelings,only for a fellow woman. Well,there are ways to break the spirit of lesbianism if you really want to,and this is what we want to achieve in this article.

A friend of my,who could confine in me told me about a friend who is a lesbian. When I asked her how she knew that her friend is a lesbian,she said : ''She used to rub my shoulder,and sometimes touch my nipples in the office. In those days,I used to think it was a joke,until the day I visited her in her place. She began rubbing my shoulder,and touching my nipples again. When I felt the sensation,I asked her what she was doing,and what she meant.Her only reply was'' : ''are you not enjoying it?'' That is the spirit of lesbianism. How would this friend of my break the spirit of lesbianism?

To help this friend of my to break the spirit of lesbianism,I asked her,her opinion on lesbianism. You know her opinion on lesbianism? She hates it with all her heart. That is the beginning of breaking free of the spirit of lesbianism. Hating it,is a big way to oppose and break the spirit of lesbianism.

Secondly,another way to break the spirit of lesbianism is to avoid their company. Avoid staying with lesbians,flee from them. Do not entertain them,do not share in their discussions.

Read books and articles that will encourage you to stand firm on what you believe in. Let compromise not be your end result.

Lesbianism truly gives more pains than you can ever imagine.To worsen it all,the spirit of lesbianism gives no satisfaction!! It doesn't make a bearer a woman!! By seeing this truth about lesbianism and taking a firm stand on it,you would be able to break free from the spirit of lesbianism!!!

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