Saturday, 4 March 2017

What If My Ex Comes Back,Should I Accept Him?-ex boyfriend recovery,ex boyfriend behavior signs,

The answer to the question of whether to accept your ex when he comes back to you or not depends on many factors. In fact, it could be a yes,and at the same time,a no answer. What if my ex comes back to me,should I accept him? This question will be answered herein,in!!!

Let's start with a question: Who left the relationship in the first place? Was it you,or he? We have found out that most times when a relationship has ended and you hear an ex coming back,it is usually the man who left in the first place. So,if he's left and he's back now for another relationship,should you accept him? You know we can't make decision of this kind for you. It depends on what you still feel for him. If you still have feelings and love,then,we would be tempted to say : Yes,you should accept him back!

Again,if your ex comes back to you,begging you to accept him again for another relationship,it is okay. It means that he has come back to his senses once more. First before anything else,try to find out why he left in the first place. Knowing this will go a lot way,making it easier for you to accept him back. Again,if you have always wished that he comes back to you some day,what are you still waiting for my dear? Say yes!!

However,there is this condition that can make it absolutely a no answer to the question: What if my ex comes back,should I accept him? This is a situation whereby,before your ex finally finds himself back to you,another man would have met,you,makes you blow up in love again,and surely,at this time,you have said, :'yes I will' to him. Accepting your ex would mean disappointing a man who has shown you love,and have made you believe in love again. Accepting your ex this time wouldn't make any much sense to you. You may even lose him again my dear.

The question of whether you should accept your ex or not,depends on whether you still feel love for him or not. If you are still in love,and you have always wished he comes back to you,yes accept him. The only time you may not accept your ex if he comes back to you  late,when another better man has taken your heart.  Simply put,the only time you should not accept your ex when he comes back to you is one,when you no longer feel love for him,and two,when you have given out your heart to another man!!!

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