Tuesday, 7 March 2017

what is freedom to you?-freedom and responsibility,freedom of information acts,

 Freedom means different things to different people,different schools of thought,and to different idealogies. Generally,freedom as being accepted by common knowledge is the power or right,to act,speak,or think as one likes,without any interference or hindrance. What is freedom to you? Is it what it is to us here? Let's consider!

The ability to exercise right to do whatever one feels right to do without feeling any objection is freedom to us. Is it what it means to you? What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to us is having power and strength to speak against any odd,against wickedness,against bad judgement,the right to exercise freedom of speech. We want a situation,where we can have all the guts to speak up for the good of others. To stand and speak against evil machinations against humanity. What is freedom to you?

Freedom to us is that children who are still minor,be given the right to make their own choices in life. They should be allowed to choose their own career,and profession. Children should be given a breathing space to think,and produce their own thought and manifest their own intentions. Children,should be allowed to live a fulfilled life. What is freedom to you?

What freedom means to us is that everyone should have the will to see one another as brothers and sisters regardless of the  differences in color,in religion,in nationality,and in languages. We want a situation,where bridge would mean connectivity,and not a closed boundary or hindrances to one another. What is freedom to you?

Freedom to us is to live a life we have chosen,and find fulfillment in it,without any hindrance,yes that is what freedom means to us!  Freedom is allowing mature adults to make choices in marriage,choosing whom and from where to marry,without any NO for an answer,from their parent.What does freedom mean to you??

Freedom means the will to exercise our rights,to do what we feel is the right thing to do,and at the same time,listen to others feelings and opinions in life!!!

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