Friday, 3 March 2017

when and why you should invite your ex to your wedding-invite your ex to your wedding,

In life,it is true that a lot of people have a number of breakups in their relationships before they catch their right bones. This is to say that the persons many people end up getting married to aren't the  persons they first dated. Now,some people are asking if it is normal and advisable for them to invite their exes to their weddings. Should I invite my ex to my wedding? a lady just asked. What's your answer to her question? Here we have the answers on! Let's see when and why you should invite your ex to your wedding.

The question of when and why should I should invite my ex to my wedding,depends on who your ex is,and how you broke up with him. For example,if you are your ex broke up because of reasons you cannot explain,let's say he was seriously cheating on you and hanging out with another person,and he does not in anyway prove his real love to you,then my dear,you should invite him to your wedding. At this time, it is you who have gained by finding a more suitable lover that cares for your feelings. Invite him for him to see whom he has stupidly lost you to. Yes,invite him to see the lucky man in your life. Invite your ex to show him the better man than he is.

What if your ex has the same genotype with you,and on finding out,you both agreed that the best thing you should do for the sake of your future is to break up ? Ooooh yes,in fact,this is when you should invite your ex to your wedding.This type of  ex should be the first to be invited to your wedding. You know he is still a friend,and a well wisher to you till death do you apart. Invite him so he can come and celebrate your joy with you,which he has been looking forward to.

There are people who are still in good terms with their ex,even when both of them are not willing to come back again. Yes,if you have a good rapport with your ex,and he is still a friend,then,it is when and why you should invite him to your wedding. After all,only friends and well wishers are invited to weddings.
 The only time and reason,that is,when and why you should invite your ex to your wedding is when your heart and spirit are in peace with him. At this time,you no longer have any feelings for him and you don't get angry or uncomfortable, whenever your both parts cross.
Therefore,the question of whether you should invite your ex to your wedding or not depends on how and what you still feel for him!  If you can truly let him go for another woman,then,you should also invite him to your wedding!! Read more:how to cope with disappointment from a boyfriend

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