Monday, 6 March 2017

why bad things happen to good people many times-life why bad things keep happening,

It is the golden rule which says that whatever you  want people to do for you,you likewise should do for them. We truly know that this is one of the basic reasons why many people choose to do good,instead of bad. They would want to receive goodness from both God and man at the end of the day! Unfortunately,good people,right from the time beginning until now,suffer misfortunes. Why bad things happen to good people,many times, is our topic here.Read more: -Is there any such thing as destiny?

You see,one of the reasons why good people suffer misfortunes especially from their fellow man is that,good people have trained conscience. Whenever they do bad,they feel hurt in themselves,and look for ways to correct their steps. Good people naturally,do not have the heart of vengeance to return evil for evil. And so,in situations where they have encounter with bad people who have sold their conscience,good people get bitten from them. This is one reason why bad things happen to good people many times.

Again,unlike bad people who could do anything for escape,even to the point of visiting spirit medium to inquire for their safety,the last thing good people would do is to visit spirit medium or future fore tellers. Because they do not have the power or ability to see their future,unforeseen occurrence take them all. Yes,this greatly,is another reason,why bad things happen to good people,many times.

You know,there is nothing as bad as people being at the right place at the wrong time. For example,
let's say you are in a church and disaster strikes,and collapse the church building. There is every likelihood that most people in the church at  that time, will die,including you. Can you not see that disaster or being at the right place at the wrong time can also make bad things to happen to good people?

Good people usually leave matters in the hands of God. They believe that God is a God of justice,and that He will never pervert justice in anyway. When bad people strike good people with evil,good people will rather bear it,looking to their God to judge. Thus,making bad things to happen to good people many times.

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