Monday, 13 March 2017

why the concept of virginity can never be outdated-virginity and marriage,virginity before,and after,

It is so sad a news that everywhere you go in social media,the news tag is "The concept of virginity is outdated'' and all of that. In schools too,young girls especially have been deceived that virginity is a sign of being primitive,and that no guy,is interested in dating a primitive girl or lady. For this fear,many now see the concept of virginity being outdated. To worsen this matter however,is the fact that men naturally can sleep with as many girls as they want and still escape the question of being virgins or not. For this reason,many girls are now on their way, sleeping around with men and their boyfriends,to do back what men do to them,50:50. Yes,should this be the reason why the concept of virginity is outdated? We say NO. Let us find out why!

Some have argued that the concept of virginity is outdated,not because they have any proven figures,but they just want to fly their news,to reach their  target objectives -to discourage purity. Listen to this lady:'' I wish that in our culture we would stop making such a big deal out of a girls virginity and who is sleeping with who because in all reality its none of our god damn business. It's theirs and it should stay that way. So it really doesn't matter, virginity is a concept made to keep women pure for marriage and how outdated is that thinking? Why are we still using this thinking and putting it into play instead of saying forget this and thinking for ourselves. I say get rid of the judgement involved with all of this and let girls breath and do what they want with their bodies. Since in fact its theirs and not yours.'' You see the point? To this speaker,the only reason why virginity should be out of place is to allow girls live their life,their own way. What kind of life style is this speaker encouraging our girls to live? Wayward life style!  And this is why the concept of virginity can never be outdated. Yes,we need a society,where our girls can be morally brought up,and maintain their chastity,without fearing,that they are missing any good thing.

The concept of virginity can never be outdated,because,no matter how corrupt and immoral,human society might be,excellence will still,and always thrive. Good people will still love and appreciate moral values,in quanta.

Saying that virginity is just a folktale is raising praises on what is bad. Is anything bad in encouraging our boys and girls,ladies and gentle men to be chaste till marriage? This is why,the concept of virginity can never be outdated!!!

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