Thursday, 2 March 2017

why prayer books isn't a form of prayer -prayer devotional books,prayer books for Eucharistic adoration,

Hello dear,there is this thing that we have noticed especially among Christian people.  It is the use of prayer books to pray to God. When we asked them their reasons for using prayer books,their response was that :'It teaches us how to pray, while some others believe that prayer books help bring them closer to God. My dear,what's your own opinion on this?Should prayer books be used for prayers? We all say no to that question,and we have our reasons to say that prayer book isn't a form of prayer.

For those who say that :' Prayer book teaches us how to pray'  We ask: 'How'? Did Christ,the Christian exemplar not teach you how to pray when he says: 'you must pray this way: Our father,who's at in heaven...''  and you said that prayer book teaches you how to pray? Anyway,we understand that not many of you read your bibles,and you are not doing well at all. Read more: the effects of prayer books on users

Yes,you also said that prayer books bring you closer to God right? How?? Is it inspired by holy spirit as the bible is? You can never say yes because,prayer books are not God's words,by man's. Anyone thinking that prayer books will in a way bring him any close to God is wasting his time,living on deceit.

We know very well that prayer is a means of communication between man and God. You can pray in your heart,you can also say your prayers out. So we don't understand how prayer book is a form of prayer,when you can actually say your prayers in your heart. If you want to be closer to God while praying,close your eyes while praying to God.

Since you know that prayer books are construct of man,putting down in words how he says his own prayers,and what his own prayers mean, while would  you buy it? Getting prayer books means that you are buying someone else prayers to be your own! This is quite unreasonable to what prayer should mean.In fact,prayer books are far from being a form of prayer. A prayer book,isn't a form of prayer. What effects do prayer books have on the users? This will be our next point of discourse. Please join us!!!

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