Thursday, 9 March 2017

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How does one ever define a smile. Can you say that smile is when you open your teeth and shine it for people to see? No. Is smile when someone looks at you with a beaming face,and even though you cannot see the face,your smile back? Yes,something close to that. ''Smile whether from friends or total strangers are infectious,and they evoke good feelings.'' says Awake! magazine. Here in this article,we are going to see why smile is a warm gift we share.

When someone gives you a beaming smile,how do you respond?You will mostly likely smile back,and surely feel happier too. That is what smile does for people. It is a gift that we all share at one point in or the other,with people around us. This is why smile is a gift we share. When someone smiles at you,you surely will smile back !

A sincere smile indicates positive emotions,such as amusement,happiness,and pleasure. There is no doubt about this at all. Or have you seen an angry face smiling? You can never ever do so because,that is one of the things that can never take place in nature. Even when an angry face pretends,you wouldn't even feel the effect because it can again,never be there. This is why smile is a warm gift we share: Amusement is warm,,happiness, as well as  pleasure is warm,and they bring about smiles in our faces.

An article in observer,an online journal of the association for Psychological Science says : ''Indeed,smiling seems built into our nature''. Yes,and that is true. It is in our nature to smile especially when something amuses us,or when we see others smiling,Yes,we must as well,smile back. Even new born,the article continues ''interpret facial expressions with great precision''. It is very simple,smiles give a whole lot of message,with great precision. There is no way one can smile without infecting you to do the same. Yes,this is the reason why smile is a warm gift we all share!!

Smile is a warm gift we all share because,smile offers hope and good tidings,smile,also makes someone next to you to smile,and you know what? You can make someone's day,by smiling on him or her!!!

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