Friday, 3 March 2017

why you shouldn't invite your ex to your wedding -your ex and his new girlfriend,your ex and whys,

 The feelings of breakup is one serious issue of the heart that hardly,and takes real time to overcome. It is especially so when you have given your heart and spirit to it. Surely,it is natural and normal for people to fall in love again and again when they have broken up with their lovers. On finding love again which will take them to the isle,ladies now want to know whether to invite their ex to their wedding or not. Here in,we are going to see why you shouldn't invite your ex to your wedding!

Let me give you a good example of a lady who refused to invite her ex to her wedding. Her name is Ellens. She entered into a relationship in her secondary school days with a young man who was then in a high institution. Although the young man never told Ellens that he would marry her,but they were really in a relationship that everyone around them sensed it. The love was all over them.The relationship lasted for 10 years,at which time Ellen had finished her secondary and University education,and had began working. One day,Ellens told her boyfriend,the young man in question that someone was interested in marrying her. She said this to know whether this young man has any plan of marriage with her or not. Do you know what the young man told her? ''You can go ahead,after all,we are just distance friends.Or have we ever sat down and discussed anything before?'' That was the young man's response. Ellens cried and cried him out of her body. She felt so bad because,many times this young man had showed many gestures of marriage with her,even telling his friends about doing so with her,as soon as he secures a good job. Ellens also felt hurt because,a lot of time had been spent with this young man,enjoying distance romantic feeling with him.  In fact,she felt having been cheated,and deceived! To cut the story short,Ellens got another suitor,they fixed their wedding date,but she did not invite the young man who was her ex.

When you feel your ex leaf the relationship unjustly,then,know that this is why you shouldn't invite him to your wedding. This is because,he has become a traitor,and a betrayer. Read more:how to cope with disappointment from a boyfriend

Again,if you still have feelings,or grudges with your ex,when your heart is not yet done with him,it is also another reason,why you shouldn't invite your ex  to your wedding. His presence on your wedding,will  really make you fell uncomfortable. His presence can also bring sadness to you,when you should be happy.

The reason why you shouldn't invite your ex to your wedding is that he now belongs to your past,and he is no longer a friend to you. Only friends are invited to weddings!!!

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