Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Will this world ever come to an end?-world news,world apart,

The question of whether this world will ever come to an end or not is one most confusing question,millions of people do not have answers to.  So many human prophecies have prophesied,and failed,and so,millions of people are damn confused,whether this world will ever come to an end or not. Will this world ever come to an end? Read more: How to stop your past from hurting you

Scientists,in many of their researches and studies,have claimed that there may never be an end to this world,as one event folds after the other. To other people too,as long as the activities of this world will never come to an end,the world itself,will continue to be.

The fact that millions of people doubt that the world will never come to an end has now made them do one act of evil thing or the other. People now accumulate wealth for themselves,their  children,and for their unseen generations,in fear of tomorrow. Why? Because,they think that this world will never come to an end.

Will this world ever come to an end? Yes,and yes is the answer. The good book,the highest form of religious authorities,the Bible,has given us a history of mankind,and the creation of the universe from the beginning. From that good book,we have seen how God made the first humans,male and female,perfectly,with the intention,to make the whole earth perfect as well ,from them. but,they never did.They rather spoilt and destroyed the wonderful plans of paradise for mankind,thus,leading us to this pitiful conditions we now find ourselves on earth today -sickness,hardship,old age and death.

Will this world ever come to an end? Again,we say yes,it will. The creator of the universe in his wisdom,has again made another perfect arrangement for us,his children on earth,through his only begotten son,Jesus Christ,who came down from heaven,and gave his perfect life to us,as a ransom,for the sin,the first human couple on earth,committed long ago. His ransom has now paved away for huge hope for mankind.

Since this world,this wicked world,is destined to end,and usher in new world system,will it be reasonable for millionaires to save wealth for their seen and unseen generations,while their neighbors are dying of hunger? No,never! What about wicked people,who commit evil with impunity? Ooh,if only they know that this world will soon end and destroy all sorts of wickedness,they would indeed,desist,from their badness. Will this world ever come to an end??? Read more : retributive justice/law of karma, are they still in charge of judgement?

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