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5 bullet things that can cause anger -anger issue,anger management,

To ask whether you have ever been angry is like asking you whether you have ever tasted or eaten good food in your life before. This is to say that everyone definitely gets angry at some point in time or another. Is anger a healthy thing? What kind of people get angry? How often should one get angry? What are the causes of anger? Yes,these are questions about anger that we can answer. Here,we are going to share with you the 5 bullet things of causes of anger you may not have known. Read more : 5 things that can cause hatred


  • One of the major causes of anger is irritation. For example,have you ever left your home or room with a friend or room mate,only to come back home and found the whole place messed up? Certainly, you would be angry. Irritation can also result from careless and unmindful attitude. For example,let's say someone just left bathroom before you and you discovered that the whole place again was messed up foamy with water and soap. Would this give you a twink of smile in your face? Certainly no! Irritation causes anger.
  • Disappointment. If I say that disappointment is the greatest cause of anger,would you believe me? Well,I also look astonished myself. But let us take a look at this family background. A man came back home from work and went to dinning room for his dinner. On opening the plate of his dishes,everything looked appetizing and good to the eyes. On tasting the same food served by his wife,it was so tasteless. If you were this gentle man,what would you do? A normal person by nature will surely burst into anger. Anger can also come from a disappointment from a boyfriend to his girlfriend or vise versa. Here is an example: A young man dated a lady for four years. Their intention was marriage and so they share love,romance and other things together with each other. Their hope and ambition grew to have future the moment the man himself secured a good job. Yes,he did one day,and the story changed. Do I need to tell you what? Okay,he drifted and left the lady he had proposed to marry. Again I ask : If you were that lady,what would you do? Celebrate and pump champagne? Not immediately my dear. Anger,tears,and pains are the feelings!
  • Discomfort : What area of discomfort do you really want us to talk about? Okay,let's talk about discomfort as a result of ailment and unemployment. Have you ever been sick and everything seems there is no hope? What does the situation make you to feel? Elated? Certainly not,but anger! Again the second issue. Have you been in a situation that makes you live with someone who is still looking for job? How does it feel whenever you want to get or ask something from him? Surely,you would have prayed for a calm spirit for him before taking a step to make your request. The truth is that,when someone is out of job,one will never be happy. Anger is usually the next feeling one gets.
  • Another bullet point that can cause anger is lack of sufficiency. This point is closely related to discomfort,but varies narrowly. When a man, a woman or even a little child is not given his need,there will never be peace until he is settled. The mind,and the heart are also conscious of their needs and will never rest until they get settled. Our African people in one of their adages say that a hungry man is an angry man. Even the beast and animals such as dogs can tear their owners with anger,if they are pierced with hunger. How much more humans!
  •  Another bullet thing that can cause anger is trespass. Okay,let's say that you keep something say food in a corner and decide to go out somewhere first before eating your food. Then,when you get home and go straight to the corner where you kept your food and discovered that someone close to you,say your brother or friend had gone there,carried the food and eaten. How my dear would you feel? Angry indeed. Yes,trespasses,whether you agree or not is one of the 5 bullet things that can cause anger!    
          Having seen the causes of anger,one might asks: Is anger a normal thing for a normal person? Yes,it is. In fact,there is no one on earth that does not get angry or who has never been angry at any point in time in his whole life. Anger relieves threat and hot steam from the heart. Letting anger out of your heart is like cleansing your heart of any danger that might be damaging to it. Moreover,anger when let long in the heart destroys both the body and soul!!!

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