Monday, 29 May 2017

consequences of unwanted pregnacy -unwanted baby,unwanted child,

Just last week on the 25th day of March 2017,a  UNIMAID female student was caught trying to force new baby she gave birth to down the toilet. This incident took place at their Murtala female hostel. Again on the 28 of May 2017,another premature baby was found dumped at a female hostel at Akanu Ibiam Polytechnic in Ebonyi. What is this about novice girls and students dumping their born babies by a corner of gutter or by thee side of dustbins? Why would the only thought of girls be to discard or do away with their unwanted pregnancies?  This is what is resulted by unwanted  pregnancy or the consequence of unwanted pregnancy.


A lot of girls who cannot keep their babies after many attempts to have abortion have failed end up dumping their babies in corners where passerby  can see them and pick them up. It is okay to keep a child especially ones that one never wants or plans to have than committing abortion thereby taking the lives of babies. But dumping these babies in dustbins and on road sides can also pose dangers on  babies whose lives you do not want to terminate.Yes,you do not want to have the baby because you are still in school,why would you not concentrate in your studies that which you were sent to do? Okay,fine,it has happened and now you are pregnant. But is dumping this baby, your life partner and closest companion for nine years the best thing to do? 


  • One of the things one should do with unwanted pregnancy is to keep it,and give birth to it. Let the thought of abortion desist from your mind and thinking faculty.
  • Two,after giving birth to the baby,if you cannot take it to your parent or any family member to take care of for you,please proceed to any family support program organization or any orphanage home. Those organizations are opened to help situations like this for you. Go to them and tell them that you cannot keep the baby or take care of him. They will happily accept the baby on agreement or certain conditions. Giving your child to family support organization is not a criminal or police case at all. It is a way to make up for couples who cannot have children of their own and for people who are looking for opportunity to give a child hope,home and future.

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