Thursday, 25 May 2017

how forces violate human rights -human right abuse,human right abuse and police administration in Nigeria.

Have you ever been to any police station before?Have you ever seen a soldier discipline an  erred citizen before? What of a situation where innocent citizens try to defend their rights before any force man? Have you been an eye witness to their situations before? Many of you am sure,have,and may not like to talk about the ugly things your eyes have seen .  The force beat humans like they are using a machete to cut down a tree. They don't even feel a pity like people in whose veins blood runs. What the hell is the force in the area of violating human rights you may ask. In this article,we are going to see some practical examples of how forces violate human rights on daily basis all in the name of investigating crime cases to fish a wrong doer out.

When you watch Nollywood movies where police men are investigating a case,you will be wondering if what you are watching can ever be real. Yes it can my dear.  We have a situation where a young man of about 40 years was accused of killing a woman who was found dead in his room. You won't believe it if we tell you that the young man in question was the person who ran down the police station to report the case. The young woman who died was actually his girlfriend who came to his house for a visit. They ate and drank and the girl fell asleep and never woke up again. When the young man found out about this,he ran straight to a police station to report the case. You know what? The young man was arrested by the police,and tortured with all sorts of weapons after they were done,beating him with canes and wires.

From the story,the pure truth was what the young man said. ''His girl friend visited him,they ate and drank and she later slept,but didn't wake up''. This could happen to any body and of course,it has happened many times before. Why then would the police force torture the young man to accept that he was the one that killed his girlfriend ? If the young man was the the one who killed his girlfriend,then he would have achieved his aim and wouldn't have to report the case to the police.

The point we want to achieve here is that mysterious  things do happen in this life.Someone can sleep now and may never wake up again.The police an other forces in charge of investigations should understand that humans have right to report certain cases to them,otherwise,they will be taking the law,into their own hands.

Torturing humans like they are animals is not the best way to find out the truth! A hardened heart can never be softened to tell the truth,simply because,he has felt enough of torture!!!

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