Monday, 22 May 2017

How a victim of rape committed murder-rape crisis,rape victims,

Again,here is another news of rape. This time,this is coming from India,where a 23-year-old law student in Kerala, India, ended an 8-year cycle of rape by chopping off the penis of her rapist who is a self-styled godman. The rapist is a 54-year-old man,and he had reportedly been raping her since she was in Class 12, so, on Friday night, she attacked him to make sure he never abuses her again and other female children. The name of the rapist is Swamy Gangeshananda, a member of the Kollam-based Panmana Ashram,and for the last 8 years,he had raped this 23 year old woman in India. The worse of this story which adds flesh to the skeleton is that this same rapist had also raped the mother of the victim.

We don't understand how on earth a rape victim would be raped once,and even for a second time. At a point,we began to blame her for this act,because,even the police ,a senior police official told PTI that no case had been registered against the woman. She never reported anything to police officers. If only the girl had reported the case the first time it happened,there may not have been the second time for this. But there is still more to the story!! Read more: why suicide cannot bring a course of justice

Hello,did this rape victim not say that the rapist had also raped her mother in one occasion in their own house? I don't think she understands the situation. It could actually be that the rapist was a boy friend to the mother of this law student and he often came to their house to share the bed with her mother. Yes,and in many occasions,it may have happened that the man also tried sleeping with the girl as well and succeeded in forcing himself  to go in between  her legs. Yes that was the rape the girl talks about of herself.

We do know that reporting the case to police would mean exposing the immoral act of her mother to the public,and for a place like India,it is truly a taboo for a married woman to commit adultery. But,for the sake of hating what is bad,this girl would have at least reported the case of rape to police officers rather than keeping quiet until the 8th time,hoping that the great monster would stop!

You are a student,a law student who knows what the law says about rape. Yes you were raped once,twice,the 3rd time,and then the 8th time! What kind of student person are you? You are a big fool! We hate it when people cry over certain things that should have been averted!! And we are not sorry to say that of all law students on earth,you are the most pitied! Finally girl,if you don't wise up now,another man or even a boy child will again and again,rape you and this that time,you may not be able to come out of it!!!

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