Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Kidnapping and robbery ,causes and the way forward-kidnapping news,kidnappind and abduction,

Photos: Lone man protests against incessant kidnapping and robbery in Port Harcourt

Sometimes when I hear news and reports such as kidnappers and robbers incessant attacks, I truly wonder if there are humans born without conscience because of course I know that ,there is no man born without a woman on earth. Blood ,runs through the veins of everyone living!
Come to think of this: The issue of kidnapping began to be a well known thing from Niger Delta Nigeria  in late 1990's when the people of Niger Delta thought that the only way they could penetrate and get the attention of government to hear their plead for employment,compensation and other rights which they deserve as the people on whose lands are circulated with rills of crude oil is to kidnap the top official workers in oil companies,demanding for huge ransom from them or the government,before they could be released. Yes,the then government of Nigeria descended to them,had a dialogue with them,and extended an amnesty program for them. Then and there,the issue of kidnapping became a problem of the past.


  • Like in Niger Delta,one of the causes of kidnapping and robbery was marginalization. The people of Niger Delta,on whose lands crude oil,which is the highest source of income  and most treasured natural resources was founded,were not rewarded,appreciated or even compensated for the lost of their lands which oil has prevented many from fishing and farming,their major source of occupation. To survive hunger and poverty in the presence of wealth and many rich resources,the people of Niger Delta took to big time robbery;To get the attention of the government to answer the petitions,they began to kidnap government top officials. That was the Niger Delta people. What then do we say is the reason why people with no petition to government rob and kidnap citizens and innocent people?
  • Some kidnappers and robbers in their confessions say that their reason for engaging in robbery and kidnapping is lack of jobs and employment. So I ask : If you rob and kidnap workers to bring out their money and give you for ransom,will you kidnappers and robbers not have made them wretched and empty? If workers are not having an enabling working environment because they always fear that you will soon attack them on the road,in their houses or elsewhere,will you kidnappers and robbers not have done more harm to innocent people who are also striving to make both ends meet?

  • Idleness. My people in Africa say that an idle mind is a devil's workshop. I think they are 100% right! Yes,when the mind is idle,not having any problem to solve,it will create some problems for others to solve. Kidnappers and robbers are jobless people,who have single handedly employed themselves to rob and kidnap people,as their own business.

  • To solve the problems of kidnapping and robbing in any nation,the government must make sure that the basic needs of her people are met. They should be able to create employment opportunities and entrepreneurship training centers for her citizens to acquire skill acquisition to be able to help themselves. 

  • Secondly,even if government  is unable to provide employment for all her citizens,of course it may not be possible,at least,everyone should love himself enough to help build his future,by engaging in one useful business or another. Kidnapping and robbing are not useful businesses!

 Neither kidnapping nor robbery can bring one any joy or satisfaction. In fact,over70% of kidnappers and robbers have ended up being rotten in jail while the remaining others have ended up being battered by their consciences. To build yourself and future,to help your family grow and succeed,you must not play with the life of any human! Desist from kidnapping and robbery !!!!

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