Wednesday, 24 May 2017

rape cases and their consequences -rape victims,rape crisis,

 Rape is a type of s*xual assault which usually  involves s*xual intercourse or other forms of s*xual penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent. Over the years,there has been one report of rape or the other in places like schools,hostels lodges and even at home in news papers,magazines and electronic media.  Reports of rape cases have had it that even married women and mothers have been raped right in front of their husbands and sometimes their children too. In America,it has been reported that 1 out of every 6 women have experienced either one form of rape or another. Yet,news and more news have it that some babies from 1 year and above have also been raped.What more about rape cases? It is the report in South Africa,where a man was killed while defending his girlfriend from gang of rapist!  This issue is on rape cases and their consequences!!


The aftermath effects of rape most times can be compared to nothing but something worse than death! While some rape victims have taken their lives in suicide,others have completely rejected having anything to do with any man in their life again. What about the inevitable internal injuries and pains the victims feel? Is it the emotional trauma,shame and embarrassment effects? What about s*xually transmitted diseases and infections?  Like the story above where a South African man was killed while defending his girlfriend from being raped by a group of gang,gross of death have been reported from rape cases!


The consequences and penalty of rape for rapists defer from one country to the other. While the consequence of rape in some countries is death by hanging,it is 15 years imprisonment in another country.  Other countries also have their own capital punishment for rape. In fact,there is no country which allows rapists to go score free. Finally,for the rapists who have not been caught up by the law,their consciences live with them for the rest of their lives with regrets for their inhuman actions!!! 

Just why females are the major victims of rape we do not know . Whether a woman,girl or a lady has been proving stubborn to fall cheap to any request for s*x, or any romantic relationship is not any reason to rape a woman. There is no reason in the universe,why anyone should be raped,not even at the point of seeing a beautiful laps or ones nakedness!!! Read more: How a victim of rape committed murder

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