Monday, 29 May 2017

Reasons why Nigerian youths wish their past leaders dead -Nigeria breaking news,Nigeria latest news,


Why on earth would Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,the former president of Nigeria, be pleading to Nigerian youths to stop wishing their past leaders including himself dead? Wait a moment, why would Nigerian youths be wishing their leaders dead? Whatever the reasons may be,we can be sure that  Nigerian youths are deeply hurt beyond any offense.

Dear Chief Olusegu Obasanjo,we really feel concern bout your feelings. Yes you will not die.You are one of the only few that still have conscience enough to come for pleading. (Is he feeling guilty and now begging?)  Don't worry,the Nigerian youths have always recognized you as their baba o. You can imagine that! Am not sure that they hate you as you think. They love you for being a father of all for having brought dividend of democracy to many.

Youths are the future of tomorrow but what happens in Nigeria society is not the same. The youths will vote candidates of their choice to deliver hopes and promises of democracy to them,only for the candidates to turn them off and embezzle with their national cake. Yes,why would Nigeria youths not be madly angry when majority of graduates are wasting at home and being injuriously abused by some small boss who pay them nothing but peanut as salaries. Why would Nigerian youths not raise death trap and death sentences on their past leaders who have destroyed and left their national treasury very empty to start life from no where? Tell us dear past leaders of Nigeria who have looted the national wealth and strength into the hands of very few of their families living Nigerian youths with fake hope what Nigerian youths should be doing?

Nigerian Youths for all I know are very hard working people. Their intellects are so promising that even at the face of hardships,they smile,jump and pass over it. In academics they excel and in apprenticeship,they are doing very well as well. All Nigerian youths want is to be treated as worthy citizens,receiving all the rights they deserve to excel and realize their dreams and ambition.

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