Monday, 29 May 2017

Should couples play romance in front of their kids? -romance and love,romance breast,

Should a mother cuddle her baby while being naked? Should couples romance in front of their children? These are questions that bother the hearts of many. This is really confusing too,we must say. To start with'',babies are quite innocent that the only thing they could say about their mothers is that their mothers are loving and caring,after all,their moms give them breast whenever they need to suck and cuddle them when the babies need it'' some argue. Hey, should couples play romance in in front of their kids?

They say that babies know nothing they can see,but we say no,babies know everything they can see. It is at the stage of infancy that the brains of babies develop,keeping in tack,everything they see in childhood  in their memories.

Do babies have and share feelings? Of course they do,making them cry when they are hungry and irritated and at the same time smile and laugh whenever they are happy. This means that babies also have feelings like adults do.

Fine,let's say that the only thing babies know are their mother's breasts. But do they also see their mothers' buttocks and fronts when they sight their eyes downward below their mothers waists? Well,there was a baby of about 3 years who was seen touching and squeezing the hairs in his mother's private part while his mother was asleep with him in the same bed naked. The mother woke up only when she was already feeling some tickling in her low waist,thinking that her husband was already back home to wake her up as usual. Well,whether the woman was embarrassed with what she saw we can't tell.

  Kids no matter their age are not dummies. They are humans who have b with both eyes to see and ears to hear sounds. They also share feelings that their parents share anytime,anywhere. While husbands and wives have right to enjoy s*x ,romantic touches and kisses,they should respectfully do these,but not in front of their kids no matter their age.  If kids don't act as they see now,they will definitively do so very much later in or outside the home. Should couples play romance in front of their kids???

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