Wednesday, 24 May 2017

simple reasons why relationships fail -relationship tips,relationship advice

Have you ever wondered why most relationships do not last up to marriage? Hardly is there any girl who is still single in our modern society. Any girl you see and ask ''Are you still single'' is sure to tell you  ''no, I am engaged'' and when you look deeply,you will find out that truly,she is in a relationship with some guy. Yet,why do relationships fail these days than ever? Here again is brought to you simple reasons why relationships fail.

The chemistry that connects the minds and hearts of two people from different educational and cultural and family background,to feel the heart beat of each other is very wonderful. This explains why it is so difficult to understand the heart and what goes on there. Love is so strong that when the hearts of love birds are knotted to say ''yes I do'',there is nothing anyone,not even their parents can do to stop them. We have seen situations where a lady eloped to a far away distance with her boyfriend without putting the feelings of her parent and family into any considerations. Yes,why then do most relationships fail than succeed?


  • They say that men love what they see while women love what they hear. Yes,that is true. But another bitter truth is that while our ladies try to give their men the quest for their eyes,men are so stingy to give their ladies what they want to hear. To keep a relationship warm and going,both parties must give the other what they want. Absence of this deed will surely put an end to a relationship.

  • Falsehood and pretense. There are people,especially ladies who hide what they are and take up the persons they are not. This is falsehood! Like one Psychologist would always say : ''Whatever lies put together,truth will put asunder''. Even if your relationship is as old as Methuselah,the moment a sincere man finds out that you have been living in pretense with him,he will disengage you in his life.

  • Incompatibility. Compatibility means ''able to match or fit'' .You can imagine a relationship where both parties fight and argue with each other,back stabbing each other and never appreciate what the other person does. It is not going to work if it is a relationship. No man will ever propose in this condition,and no woman of any woman will ever say ''yes I do''! For a relationship to last,both parties must enjoy what the other does,they must enjoy the presence of each other,and see each other as their lifeline.


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