Monday, 29 May 2017

The craziest female musician in the world -world news,world greatest,

as the Wardrobe malfunction deliberate, Katy Perry? (photos)

This lady no doubt is the craziest female musicians the world could ever have.Katy Perry what on earth are you showing the world to see? Where is lady gaga of the whole world who is man-woman personified? What does it actually mean to be an artist? Does it mean being shameless? Vulgar? Acting without discretion? For opening your legs wide to reveal the secret of your  womanhood,you are hereby crowned ''The craziest female musician in the world''.


Artists are mentors and role models to  millions of earth inhabitants. This means that as mentors and role models, fans will always imitate the way they behave,act and dress. Dear Katy Perry,if your fans wear see through dresses will give them elephant salute? If they sit and open their legs wide as you do in public places,will you stand,giving them some ovation? What you have done,is what you are asking your fans to do!
One Psychologist once said that the best learning institutions where people learn faster and quicker and never forget what they see and hear are in movie and music industries. This is because,fans tend to believe whatever stars say and do as the most acceptable traditions. If a movie or music artist wears a torn cloth and walk about the street,no body will call him a mad man because he is a star. The world would have seen  such dresses as a normal,befitting dress to wear and before you know it,it would have been the best dress in town for people who are always on point!

Sincerely speaking,if only the world artists and stars could see that they are the mirror of the youth world,they will not be any careless in what they wear and on how they act or behave! Save the world by being a moral champion!!!

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