Thursday, 25 May 2017

the effects of bomb blast terrorism in Manchester,England -bomb blast,.

Mother of a 15-year-old girl who died in the Manchester bombing breaks down during vigil (photos)

In the whole wide world,if there is any thing that is the world biggest threat,it is bomb blast terrorism. Is there any country that has never experienced this threat before? In Nigeria,the issue of boko haram is still on killing people in their hundreds where they are gathered for one function or another. Recently in the month of  May 2017,another monster of bomb blast has taken not least than 22 lives and injured 59 persons in a concert arena,Manchester,England. Who and what are actually responsible for this deadly act? Man,and some group of men,born of women!


  • One of the worst effects of bomb blast terrorism is death. You can imagine the number of death caused by the bomb set to blast in the concert center in Manchester in May,2017. Yes,the death of the 22 persons ranging from children of 12 to15 years among adults would have brought nothing but pains and sorrow to the bereaved families. The picture above is one of the examples of the effects of bomb blast terrorism can give,not just in Manchester,but around the world.

  •  Shock and  heart attack. This is another effect of bomb blast terrorism one can feel. Am sure that in the next few months after the event of bomb blast terrorism in the concert arena in Manchester,no body will gladly cross the area for any sort of entertainment. The fear and emotional trauma which the victims of the terrorism feel is one that can last for a long time!

  • What about loss of properties? Yes,that is another key disaster. The life of the owner or the CEO of the center which was destroyed by bomb terrorism,might not be affected in death,but the result of having lost his properties and investment to bomb blast terrorism set by some enemies,is not an easy one to deal with. 
Whoever claim responsibility for the bomb blast terrorism either the ISIS or so,must have done so to affect the ruling party government but has still failed to do so. While Donald Trump,the president of America was somewhere else,the terrorists,were so busy setting death trap for innocent humans,who are not even their enemies. What would the government lose in any terrorism? Absolutely nothing!! Only innocent humans will at the end of the day,pay the price of crimes they never committed!!!

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