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The good and ugly sides of tattoss- tattooss for guys,tattoos cost,effects of tattoos,

 Rick Ross shows off his Notorious B.I.G tattoo
 Most times,people often wonder why on earth somebody of all things will choose to have tattoos in their body. Yea,I have many times wondered as well,and now,I can tell why! Why do some people,because it is not something everyone can do in their body,choose to have tattoos in their skin? Are there health risk or dangers in having tattoos in the body? How are tattoos made in the skin? These are the questions we shall together look at here.

Tattoos are used often to make loud style statements. They are increasingly being used by the 21st century stars as a statement of their independence,to show who they are,what they like,who they admire,who their mentors and heroes are,and all of that. While some people have their tattoos in their armpit,others chose to have them in their ankles,on their side face,or in their bodies.Yes,to some people, tattoos are used to cover their self-harm scars. 


If you want to have a tattoo done, do remember that these permanent marks on your body might not end up looking as artistic as one would hope. They are known to cause some serious health risks if not done using a sterile environment and instruments, besides the short and long term risks of allergies to the ink.  So,how sure can you trust your Doctors and tattoo artists with this care?

 Also,do also remember that the procedure for tattoo removal can be much more painful and riskier than getting the tattoo itself - so do contemplate carefully about the consequences and 'think before you ink your body,hahhaha....


Tattooing is the process by which the superficial layer of the skin that is,the dermis is impregnated with pigments to form a design, symbol, or letters through needle punctures ( so get ready to bear lots of pains hahaha) Most tattoos are made with hand-held machines which contain a single needle or groups of needles. They work in fashion similar to a sewing machine making fast oscillations and inserting ink droplets with every prick. Tattoo ink consists of pigments- either natural or artificial, along with solvents. The pigments stain the skin with various colors. Most people undergo the procedure without anesthetics and so it might be painful. It is also associated with mild amounts of bleeding and of course you should have known that!

 Reasons Why Tattoos Are Harmful?

Most of the harmful effects of tattoos result from the pigments used in the inks. Some inks are actually those otherwise used in printers and automobile paint. Such strong colors have adverse effects on the skin. Most chronic reactions occur with red ink and black ink tattoos. Purple, pink and orange colors have also shown adverse reactions. Red ink may cause severe tissue damage which may exacerbate to such an extent that the only option left is amputation of the limb. The adverse effects of red ink are due to mercury, while black ink contains iron oxide. A history of having a tattoo may be a temporary deterrent to blood donation. In fact,there is more than you have heard!


The most common medical issue associated with tattoos is allergic reactions. Allergic reactions occur to the pigments in the tattoo ink. They may present as itchy rash with skin swelling or oozing of fluid. Allergic reactions are usually associated with red ink due to the presence of mercury which is allergenic.



The skin may get permanently disfigured and discolored due to amateur practices in applying the tattoo.
 Tattoos can cause abnormal excessive scarring of tissue which results in the formation of a tough lesion called keloid. Keloids usually occur in individuals who are genetically predisposed to developing them.


Hematoma is the collection of blood in an area of the tattoo. People on blood thinners may have excessive bleeding during the tattooing process and the healing may also take longer.


Granulomas are bumps in the skin formed around tattoo pigments which are perceived as foreign by the body.


The tattoo pigments may enter the lymphatic system and clog the lymphatic nodes and cause inflammation. The discolored lymph nodes appear similar to those affected by a skin cancer called melanoma and may interfere with the staging of the cancer.


Staphylococci are bacteria that enter the skin through the skin punctures and can cause serious infection.


Blood-borne diseases occur due to improper procedure, contaminated equipment and inadequate care post-tattooing. They include hepatitis B, hepatitis C and tetanus and even AIDS.

The truth is that tattoos have numerous health effects to the body. The effects are so bad that one has to live and die with it. More importantly how the diseases associated to tattoos are incurable!!!

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