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TIPS ON HOW TO ESCAPE ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP -abusive relationship advice,abusive relationship example

When we first saw the pictures above of how a woman,a wife and a mother of three children,comprising a boy and two girls were thrown out, along her belongings,I in particular wasn't at all surprised. My eyes,have seen a lot more of various abuses on women and my ears have heard more than just enough of stories.  Right from the times of old,many women,wives and girl friends have faced various injurious abuses in their relationships. Why are women always the object of relationship abuse? What can individual ladies and women do to escape abusive relationship? Here is brought to you tips on how to escape abusive relationship.


The major cause of relationship abuse is lack of respect. A wise woman once says ''Ask me to choose  between love and respect in my marital relationship and I will choose respect. Respect because,a man who respects his lady and woman will never lay an abusive hand on her'' She was saying this to her childhood friend who ran to her for consolation after being badly beaten and injured by her husband. Seriously speaking,the husband of the abused wife, loves her so much that he couldn't give in to the pressure of his family not to marry her from the beginning. Why would this same Romio-man beat up his wife and even threaten the life of his beloved wedded wife? It is because he lacks some respect for her.

INSUBMISSIVENESS TO HEADSHIP: We should understand that abusive relationship is not only when a man beats up his wife and inflicts injuries on her,no. When a man fails or stops to care for the needs of his girlfriend or wife,he has also abused her. Talking about insubmissiveness to headship,a lot of women we mean wives have been denied their many rights by their husbands. For example,we know of a wife who would always challenge her husband,talk twice whenever he was talking,sometimes refused to cook for him,and even stopping her husband's people from visiting them and lots more. One day,she met her water loo,and her husband collected the key to the car he bought for her,stopped her from working,and eventually,asked her to return to her people and stay for sometime. Till this day of our narration,the woman has not yet been forgiven by her husband,and his people.

The reason we mentioned the issue of insubmissiveness to the headship is because,many times too,women are the reasons,why their husbands rain abuses on them. They would sometimes act stupidly and immaturely to their husbands,selling off their respect.


  • One way to escape abusive relationship is by being sensible. The good book says that ''wisdom is with the modest ones''. Always ask yourself : Will my husband be happy with this thing  I am doing? If your many answers are no,please stop and change your actions, otherwise,one day,he will show you that he is the head of the family and can do whatever he chooses to.

  • Dear woman,never you challenge your husband and say :'' What can he do anyways?'' Hmmm,he can do many many things that will surely bring tears in your eyes!

  • Make yourself a wife material. A lot of women don't know that 80% of what keeps them at home is that they have made themselves a mountain that can never fall ,not just having children. Build yourself in and out and make your family members love and appreciate you and not just your husband alone,who appreciates you.

  • Be a husband supporter. We have heard of how women squander their husband's possessions in their care,being destroyers,instead of supporters and builders. Dear wife,fix yourself with something that can bring home money and support your dear husband in what he does. Fine,even if you don't work,at least,manage the things in the home,the best way that they can last longer!

Every man wants to have a strong supportive wife on his side. Make it look that nothing works in the house without your touch,and you will surely escape abusive relationship now,and forever!!!

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