Thursday, 25 May 2017

WHY MADE IN NIGERIA PRODUCE WILL TAKE THE COUNTRY OUT OF RECESSION -recession and the Nigerian economy,made in Nigeria challenge,

Before the year 2016,Nigeria,had never known the word recession. Everything seemed to be going on well in all sectors that bring money and food home. However,in the various studies conducted to find out the cause of the sudden emergence of recession in Nigeria,it was discovered that  all along,there had been a total  negligence and abandonment of the national mineral resources,including agriculture. All their efforts and strength as a nation had been on oil and oil alone.  When the oil prices crashed,and oil business cooled  off,the the national economy began to fall until it got to the point,where Nigeria,the giant of Africa,came to be among recession states in the world. What then is the solution of the recession? Made in Nigeria produce will take the country,out of recession,the economists have said! How?


If there is anything that can boost a national economy,it is a good market. In economics studies,exportation of goods develops a country whereas importation of goods brings a fall to national economy. Any nation that depends solely on exportation is doomed to grow and develop. Having this sense makes Nigeria to begin to preach and encourage their people to engage seriously in agriculture and  for patronage of made in Nigerian produce.

Made in Nigeria produce will project Nigerian products in international market and make it compete with the world currency. When Nigerians begin to appreciate goods produced in their country and patronize them,there will be a huge opportunities to create employment for their people,and there will be a gross flow of cash  in the country.

Made in Nigerian produce will  attract foreigners to buy and do businesses in Nigeria and even for Nigerians. In so doing,Nigerian economy is sure to boost and the recession will find its way out of the nation.

The main reason why a nation can be in recession is if the nation's major source of  income has fallen. Then the economy will shake and finally fall as well. To raise the fallen economy,the nation will have to repair and patch all damages and loopholes that brought the downfall of their economy. To start this,the repairs has to be from home!!!

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