Thursday, 8 June 2017

5 secrets to a lasting marriage -

Hugh Jackman says meditation is the secret behind his 21yr marriage to Deborah-Lee Furness

Have you not seen marriages that have lasted for a life time?  Yes,Hugh Jackman's marriage has just lasted only for 21 years,and we hope,in fact,we are sure that it will still last for more because,they have,and share the secrets to a lasting marriage. What are the secrets to lasting marriages? Why on earth do some marriages not last even for a year,few months? It is because,a lot of people do not know or have the secret to lasting marriages.  Here they are,if you bring your two eyes down together.

  • Let us start with  Hugh  Jackman's secret. He says that the secret of his 21 year marriage with Deborah Lee Furness is meditation.n  Are you actually wondering what he meant by meditation? Like seriously,are you saying that you do not know at your age what Hugh Jackman has been meditating on? Okay,it is all about those things,I mean,those funky and romantic things he shared with his then girl friend  Deborah Lee Furness. Yes,you think Hugh Jackman is like you unromantic man? You that cannot even tell your girl friend that you love her or even give her a mimic kiss on phone eh? Never! Otherwise,Deborah Lee Furness,wouldn't have said ''yes I do'' to her heart throb,Jackman.

  • Another thing that can keep marriage on a lasting relationship and on a lasting bed is making marriage sweet every day. A lot of people having come to realize that relationship is sweeter than marriage,well,so they said, make their own marriages bitter by themselves. Yes,with their own hands,they invite bitterness in their marriage,and before you know it,their marriage gets soars,and sours.

  • There are people who have heart made of stones. We are not saying in any way that their hearts are made of stones,no. What we are rather saying is that their hearts are not made of stones,but instead of softening it,they rather harden it for the likes of their mates. Why ?? Is it not that same man that you have many times called ''sweet heart'' that you are hardening your heart to? Dear wifey ,do not for any reason harden your heart to your husband no matter what. Even if you see him with another woman or he tells you that he wants to marry another wife. Yes,and yes,do not!

  • You know,before a woman can actually say ''yes I will'' to her suitor,the man would have gone so deep in eating and sucking her heart. Of course he wouldn't do so by using his teeth before you get yourself confused,but he rather uses his tongue,yes. If you got your wife with romance,hey man,don't you ever stop on the way because you got her. No,that is selfishness.Continue being a romantic man if you want to keep her forever in your blossom. 

  • Always buy each other some gifts to show appreciation. Yes,don't also forget to say every day in every way ''I love you''. Oh,it's so sweet! Hahahaha,you know that love is that on which marriage is founded. Therefore,paint it in your tongue,even when your parent are not used to it.

 My dear,marriage is still sweet like honey. If any one tells you that it is bitter,then,know that that person lacks the knowledge of the 5 secrets to a lasting marriage!!!

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